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Finished Basements

People tend to forget that their basement can be a functional part of their home. Few rooms will prove more useful, whether you use your basement for storage or as a place to relax and spend quality family time. If you're thinking about renovating your lowest floor, you'll be glad to learn that it can be more cost effective than adding another level or an addition to your home.

An unfinished basement holds a lot of potential. Remodeling or refinishing a basement makes smart use of often underutilized space - from custom-designed climate-controlled wine cellars to kid-friendly flooring and design; the perfect place to display sports paraphernalia or a gathering spot for movie night. You can even save money on a gym and put in your own exercise room. We take away dark corners and gray walls and create family-friendly, useful space.

We know basements in New England weather's different climate and moisture changes. We assess each basement climate differently and come up with a solution to ensure no future moisture issues. That starts directly with sealing the foundation in any questionable areas. then we create a thermo and moisture break with rigid foam. This also adds extra R- value which exceeds state requirements. then we always use pressure treated materials that come in contact with moist areas. Moisture resistant drywall is used as well. In areas that tile is not used on the flooring. Alosso Custom Carpentry provides the newest moisture resistant carpet pads available. In most cases we can also install a complete floating floor system to ensure all the materials used will never come in contact with concrete. Let us make your basement a functional safe space.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you
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